Sunday, January 23, 2011

Mid-winter blues . . .

One more week until they, hopefully, close the flood gates on the dam.  Then we hope the rain continues so we get a good fill on the lake. 

The off season hasn't been wholly without a touch of sailing here & there.  Spent a couple weeks doing a virtual sail around Vancouver Island with Virtual Sailor.  Not the real thing but it helps with the cravings now & then.

We drove up to the Long Beach penninsula for our anniversary this year.  Didn't see anyone sailing but we did see a couple of interesting boats. 

Not sure what the deal is on this catamaran.  It was just oustide of Astoria in a really small boatyard.  Not exactly trailerable but I'd love to try one sometime.

This little Balboa was in Oysterville by the boat ramp; looks to be a 16 or maybe a 20.  I was surprised to see it there as most everything we'd seen were work boats for the oyster trade.  The tag on the bow is pretty old but it seems unlikely that the boat has been sitting around that long.  Maybe someone is restoring it for the spring.

I sure don't think I'd want to tow that trailer far. What a rusty heap!

I've been tracking Brad Van Liew in the Velux 5 Oceans Race.  This guy is amazing - no sponsorship to speak of and so far he's dominated the first 2 legs.  I've never been out of sight of land, let along single handing an Open 60 in the middle of the Southern Ocean. 

Simply amazing.