Saturday, July 7, 2012

4th of July fun

The 4th started early with a "Circumfern" on Tuesday evening; that's a full moon, group sail, around the lake (Fern Ridge Reservoir).

We had a close start at 7:30 PM

Man and beast participated

Some college sailors came along. They went to Nationals this year, in the FJ.

Leakin' Lena, the floating potty, was the first mark.

We even had a laser along, until the sun went down.

Things tightened up again on the downwind run

Falcor is always fast

Close sailing at the East Dash

Stairway isn't usually at the front, but she looks good!

The sail continued on after dark; the moon rise was spectacular which was nice, because the wind died once it came up!

Wednesday we went for a nice sail, returned to the dock for a while to relax, then anchored out to wait for the fireworks. Eugene Yacht Club puts on a great show every year.

While anchored I pulled out the cameras again . . .

This nice little Hartley always catches my eye.

There are a bunch of C22's on the lake.

There were more of these than normal . . .

Don't see many Marshall Cats on this coast

This is an interesting little boat. He's definitely rigged for offshore sailing in cold climates.

To paraphrase Indiana Jones - Wakes! . . . I hate wakes . . .

Wild Hare has an interesting window in the jib

The Rangers remind me of a wooden shoe. They seem to sail pretty well though.

Not sure what this is but it's kind of cute, and for sale.

The sun eventually went down . . .

And after a bit the fireworks started!