Sunday, October 21, 2012

When it rains it pours.. .

With sailing season pretty much relegated to memories I have more time for my other hobby, photography.  Deborah had Furlough Friday so I took the day off too.  Even though the weather was gloomy and wet, we drove east to check out a couple of waterfalls Heidi had told us about. 

First stop was Clear Lake.  It was raining but the wet just brings out the fall colors better.


Next stop was Sahalie Falls a few miles down Hwy 126.  It was raining pretty good there.  I took both K20D's, the tripod and the DA* 300/4 (which never left its bag). 

Things started off well; the clouds brought the light down enough that I didn't need a neutral density filter but could still shoot 1/2 second to smooth the cascading water.

Sahalie Falls



The trail is pretty nice, with steps in the steeper locations.



Little Salahie Falls(?)


Along about here my original K20D (I have 2) stopped working. I swapped out batteries and nothing. About 5-10 minutes later I noticed the back of the camera was getting hot even though it was turned off. Not good. I pulled the batteries.

On down the hill to Koosah Falls.




Deborah went on ahead while I was taking these photos. I continued on down the path and thought I'd joined the same one she was on. Not! Turned out I was on a path to the campground and reservoir. Luckily I headed uphill when given the choice and eventually found her at the Koosah Falls trail head where we'd planned to meet.

We decided not to take the trail back and walked up the highway instead. We were both pretty much soaked through so we called it a day and headed back home.


When I got home I checked over the camera. Everything looked normal except for a sheen of moisture in the battery compartment. Not good. I dried it and the camera turned on, for about 1 second. Into a bag of rice overnight. That helped but the image stabilization is not working right.

Back into the bag of rice . . .