Sunday, September 11, 2011

I've been a bit lax . . .

about updating the blog this summer.  It's been kind of a strange one; Deborah's knee hurt, we hit a new max speed (7.3 knots!) and then the @$#@!# chart plotter died.  Deborah's fine now and I got a new Lowrance chart plotter for 1/2 of retail. 

Anyway, here's most of a summer's worth of videos and snaps.

June 21st was a real drifter of a Beer Can

We anchored out on July 4th to watch the fireworks.  Someone did up a "Christmas Boat" type pirate ship and cruised through before the fireworks started.

The fireworks were good too!

On July 26th Zach and I successfully flew the Genaker for the first time. 

July 26th, Beer Can - maybe should have run the 135 but a nice sail anyway.

For the August 2nd sail Krista came along and so did a decent breeze, more than we expected when we rigged the 135!

On August 6th, Deborah and I hit an all time speed record!

August 16th Beer Can:  Zach at the helm

August 30th Beer Can - it got windy!

September 6th Beer Can - Zach at the helm and Krista came along too

September 10th, Circumfern . . .