Sunday, June 3, 2012

First Beer Can & CircumFern Night Sail

Beer Can Tuesday!

On Tuesday Deborah joined me for our first Beer Can Race of the year, and her first Beer Can ever.  We both survived so I guess it wasn't too bad! 

We were the 3rd boat to make the start, behind an S20 (Spy?) and Tim's Catalina 25.  We passed Tim and were the first boat to the buoy (not sure where the S20 went though.)  We were 3rd or 4th back (depending on whether the S20 was actually participating.)  I maybe should have headed up a bit on the downwind run from the Leakin' Lena buoy so we didn't get covered by the other boats.  After the race, as we were headed to the car, we got a "you were fast" from Ron @ The Sailing Center.  Cool!


The TYC calendar showed last night as the first of two Circumferns in June.  A Circumfern is basically a moonlight sail around the lake on, or near, the full moon.  Last year the wind petered out on us.  This year we had plenty of wind but it was chilly and mostly cloudy until we were almost done.   

Things didn't start out well; we were a bit later leaving home than I'd planned, and when we got to Junction City the center of town was closed for a Cruise In.  Detour . . .

So we got to the lake quite a bit later than the 7:00 I'd planned.  We quickly got things ready, Emily and Kate into their life jackets and motored out.   Dean and Tim had already headed out for the west dash by the time we had the sails up and started south.  The girls went up on the bow which gave us a bit more speed (hmmmm).  We passed Stairway, going the opposite direction, just past the little island at the mouth of the west finger, then Tim about halfway to the mark.  The rest of the evening was spent trying to reel Tim in.  Didn't have much luck but we did gain a bit and we finally found the East Dash buoy.   The girls went below when they got cold. 

The wind held up fairly decent until we started to get close to the dam.  When we made the turn at Leakin' Lena there was just enough to do about 1.5 knots and it kept dropping.  We lowered the sails and motored in the last 1/2 mile or so. We left the parking lot at 11:00 PM on the dot.