Thursday, March 29, 2012

Will it never end?!

Progress on the new docks

Deborah and I drove down to the lake a couple weekends ago to see how the new docks are coming along.  The weather actually cooperated and the docks are very nice!

Paid my slip rental for the season yesterday and asked the lady if they're going to be done on time.  "We hope so" she said.  Seems there's an issue with the company providing the steel.  I really don't want to keep the boat at Orchard Point but I guess I will if I have to. 

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Marina Clean Up

Better a late update than never, I guess. . . .

On February 11th we joined a bunch of folks down at Richardson Park Marina to clean up the Eurasian Milfoil that's infesting the marina.  Scott Coleman had worked with the county parks folks and got us permission from the Corps of Engineers to remove it . . . by hand.  No tools allowed. 

The marina looks weird with the docks out and no water. 

All that standing water is full of tiny milfoil plants.  

I finally figured out why the depth sounder freaks out on the way into the marina sometimes . . . Stump central!

There's some artsy trash too . . .

All the muck they pulled out got handed up the embankment to Deborah and some other folks . . .

Who dumped it in a trailer to be hauled off

After a while we took a break and headed up to the shelter where the park hosts were hosting a bbq for everyone.

We bugged out after lunch as we had a prior commitment back in town.  We did get a few interesting pictures on the way home though.

There were swans on the north side of Meadowview Road.

and there were Bald Eagles outside Harrisburg!