Saturday, May 31, 2014

First Sail of the Year!

It took a bit to get here but we finally got in our first sail of the year.  Boy did it feel good to be on the water again.

Getting to this point took a bit of work.  If you've been following my blog you know that we had a leaky through hull while we were in the San Juan Islands last summer.  Having the boat sink at the dock would be pretty embarrassing, as well as expensive, so the through hulls had to go.

Getting them out was harder than I expected.  Or maybe I should say getting the depth sounder transducer out was.  The leaky speedo paddlewheel came out with a couple good wacks.

Some serious grinding ensued to get to bare fiberglass.

The new glass had to be held in from below.

Then the holes filled in from the top, more glass, and resin.

Next came filling the holes from below, then fairing compound (epoxy with "microballoons")

Then sanding

barrier coat, and painting the bottom.  Turns out the barrier coat doesn't self-level.  Oh well.

That VC17-m is shiny stuff when it goes on.  Too bad it doesn't stay that bright copper color.  It was all blue for our first sail.

About $400 in all, I think.  For two 2 inch holes, and two full coats of bottom paint.

On Sunday (before Memorial day) we drove down to the lake and launched Verboten.  Heidi came along to help, which was nice.   Tuesday evening I drove down after work and finished getting the boat ready.  I put on the boom, main sail, etc., and brought the battery home for the charge I should have done while it was in the driveway.

Still got some odds & ends to do, like replace the worn out bungie cords on the bow, but I'm ready for a great summer on the lake!