Sunday, December 29, 2013

Christmas Extended

We had kind of a drawn out Christmas this year.  First, Deborah and I decided to start early. I paid for her sewing lessons for the year and bought her a thread caddy with 100+ rolls of thread; She bought me a La Crosse wireless weather station and a new exhaust system for the truck.  Romantic, huh?  The truck sounds 1000% better and I suspect we'll get better mileage too.  That will be nice when it comes to towing the boat.

Christmas Eve was busy with the girls, most of the grandkids, Brandy and Al with Chloe, and Doug and Linda here.  Fun times.  On Christmas day I had a gift certificate to her favorite spa for her and she had an egg poacher for me. We've used it twice already!  

Yesterday (28th) James, Zach & Krista came over to celebrate a late Christmas with us.   James brought some awesome orange-molasses cookies and Zach & Krista gave me a cool pair of kitchy lamps for the family room.  

Then we headed to Portland to pick up Jessy and Homero from the airport.  They'd been in Mexico visiting his family.  This morning (Sunday) April, Gaby, Jose and Gaby's friend Anna came for waffles then we had Christmas with Jessy. 

All in all a nice Christmas.  Next stop New Year's Day and our 14th anniversary.


  1. Hey Verboten, I ran across your blog and see that you sail in some of the same waters as I do.
    We also have a trailer sailor (Catalina 22 Sail#9337 "Orion's Wake" ) and enjoy keeping a blog of our sailing adventures as well

    Maybe we'll see you out on the lake!

    1. Hi Jim,

      The lake is full and I'm getting excited. Got some repair work to do so the boat doesn't sink in the slip before I can drag her down to the lake.

      We have a slip at Richardson Park Marina. Where do you keep "Orion's Wake"?