Friday, April 25, 2014

Snowmageddon II

Apparently I forgot to post this back around February 10th. . . .

It's been an interesting and unexpected extended weekend.  Woke up on Thursday morning to a winter storm that was supposed to dump a few inches on the ground.  University closed

It kept on snowing . . .

and snowing . . .

 I did shuttle duty, picking Gaby up from school around 9:30 and Deborah up in Corvallis around 10:30.  Don't know why the schools or Deborah's office weren't closed.  It's not like there wasn't plenty of notice.

The drive was . . . interesting.

Friday morning there was a bit of a lull so Deborah and I drove down and knocked the snow off the boat before the second wave of snow hit. 

I did the Grandpa shuttle thing, picked up April's kids and delivered them to their Dad.  The roads weren't as bad as I expected but with over 8 inches on the ground they weren't great either.  The truck was chained up at this point.  Might need to get front chains for next year.

The snow just kept on falling.  We stopped measuring at 11 inches in the back yard  . . . .

Total topped out around 15 inches!

The next thing, on Saturday morning, was freezing rain.  On top of the snow.  That made a crunchy mess.  By noon it wasn't too horrible so Deborah and I headed out for groceries, meds, and lunch at Elmers.  The roads were sloppy.

Today (Sunday) we woke to find there'd been more freezing rain overnight.  As the weather warmed to above freezing the ice started falling from the trees.  Sounded like popcorn or something as it hit the frozen snow.

We went down to the boat to knock the snow off again.  Glad I did as the rain made it really heavy and the mast was bent in the middle!

This looks much better but I need to come up with a better frame for next year.

Drove home, got James and we dug out his car.

 Out again at 1:30 to take April to work.  What a freaking mess!  The roads have ruts that are over a foot deep (on the sides) in places!  You'd think the city could get a grader out or invest in a couple of plows to clear the stuff out.

Left again a bit before 3 to pick up Heidi and go see Monument Men.  The roads were a bit better but it was starting to get foggy.  Warm weather over snow = fog.  Yeah.

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